Using Augmentation in the History and Geography

The SAMR Model is a framework created by Dr. Ruben Puentedura Source:

Teachers may use a learning management system like Google Classroom, Moodle, Schoology, or Canvas to control the administrative aspects of running a classroom, such as managing grades, communicating students, making a schedule, and posting assignments, at this stage of the SAMR Model.

Teaching online opens up new communication lines, many of which may benefit historically disadvantaged students. As an example Girls, who are generally less likely to speak up in class, feel much more comfortable using alternative conversations that can run alongside instruction— Zoom Chat, a class group chat etc.

Exposing the students to the wider world community enhances not only the students accountability but also makes the content on the lesson highly relevant. Getting students to set up a blog, vlog or on going website that they share with the whole world means that students will spend more time improving their written work as a result of the blog, as they will be held even more accountable for the work they present. Both student learning and literacy increase as a result.

Blooms Taxonomy Linked with the SAMR Model Source

Example 1

Some Year 8 Geography students would be given a task to use a technological tool that makes an abstract concept visible in a hands-on, responsive way (e.g. voyaging on Google Earth to create a geography Project).

Example 2

Students in a Year 12 Ancient History classroom would produce podcasts summarising a topic, which can then be accessed by other students as a revision resource, This would also be available to showcase to the younger students as to advertise Ancient History as a subject choice.

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